Money Trading Business?

The money trading business could mean different things to different people; first off let’s assume we are strictly talking about legal enterprise. If you are simply exchanging money at a bank when going from one country to another it usually considered a foreign currency exchange (forex) strictly for the use in the tourism industry. However, the term Forex is often used in the larger trading market of big risk traders that are sometimes referred to as day traders who usually have a lot of money to begin with and basically gamble against the odds of foreign money rates going up and down throughout the market trading of the day. It would be a great business if you already had a lot of money to spare, but for the rest of the regular money exchange for tourism is probably the most reasonable form of business. Personally, I have spent time in Central America and they have both Banks and what they called “Coyotes” just outside the Banks that exchanged money. The Banks could guarantee the most accurate and up to date currency and rates while the independent business man might not guarantee the most recent currency or rate, keeping in mind that when currency is changed in Central America it is sometimes deemed immediately worthless. So, you take your chances sometimes, but that’s an individual choice because they are nowhere near as pushy as they used to be any more since they’ve had such an increase in English speaking tourists in recent years.Another form of money trading I’m personally interested in is actually metals; gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper, etc. It’s not really directly money trading but it offers more than one value in its products; collector value based on the mintage (number and year produced) and intrinsic (value of the metal itself).